Bukkake is a new sexual fetish that is growing in America. Although it is a new sexual fetish that most Americans don't know about, it has a very strong cult following. So this site is to inform the people who are curious about this new sexual fetish and let them know what bukkake is all about.

Persons with weak hearts or Prostate problems should not view this website.

Please take into consideration that Bukkake and this site do not promote degrading women. This form of sexual practice is one of a strong S&M nature, but may be practiced by straight or gay men on women or men. The object of target could be any sex but the one doing bukkake must be a male. The reason being is that Bukkake is a sperm play facial style of sexual fetish. Keep in mind that Bukkake is not for everyone, so please don't take this site as one of degrading anyone. So now with that off my chest lets get on with what it is, this magical thing call bukkake.
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